Why You Should Start Reading Books

Why You Should Start Reading Books

I have been reading books since my childhood. Being a not so popular kid at school I would read in my pastime. Since a few years, I have switched genres. I used to read more of fiction back then but have been reading nonfiction more often now. They have been a great help to me in many ways. Whether it is my grammar or my self-confidence, books have helped me a lot. There are so many benefits of reading, and I will tell you my main reasons to read books. So, why should you start reading?

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1. Reading books helps you learn new things – Every book teaches you something new that you don’t know before. There are different genres and you can choose the one you like.

2. You get to learn from people’s experience –
As the proverb – Experience is the best teacher. Life is a series of learning opportunities. It teaches you to be calm. Helps with managing things in a better way in future.

3. It kills your boredom
You learn something new, that means you’re doing something productive and not wasting any time.

4. You get a new perspective
Once you finish reading a book you view things differently. You appreciate more and looks for positivity.

5. You can learn new skills
Every new copy teaches you something. I have learnt a lot from non-fictions like how to manage money, how to be creative, stress management.

6. It helps in your personal development
Nonfiction especially has been a lot of help to me in developing myself. Personal developments book has been a great help to me.

7. You appreciate new things
I have been appreciating more of what I have than envy someone. Reading gives you a different perspective that helps you look at things differently. Appreciating more and count your blessings.

being happy

8. Helps in increasing your concentration
Reading helps with improved concentration as you’re able to focus efficiently. Since I have started reading my concentration has improved drastically.

9. Helps with your thinking
That’s right, studies have found that thinking is boosted by reading. They encourage you to think more. Thinking open a new world where you expand your horizon.

10. Improves your vocabulary skills
It’s an obvious fact that reading more helps you with your vocabulary. It is significantly important for bloggers and authors. You learn words that you haven’t heard before. Vocabulary skills are important in this digital age since many people use autocorrect on their smartphones. My vocabulary skills were decreasing because of that, but thanks to reading I have been developing them.

11. Helps with your creativity
No recommended formula will make anybody more creative. But some books will help you with that. You think more, get a new perspective and use your brainpower more efficiently.

ideas and creativity

12. Helps with your self-confidence and speaking
A book like How to Win Friends and Influence People have been a great help to me being an introvert. They help you with how you can talk better, how you can improve your social skills and your body language.

13. Helps with stress
​When reading a book your mind gets shifted. You escape from your daily routine. You will feel more relaxed and can cope up with stress more efficiently.

14. Because you can!
There are different genres that you can choose from. You can choose what you like. They are available for all ages.

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So, what books you should read?

Discover a book on a theme that interests you. It could be fiction or true to life. I would suggest perusing both. There are many genres, pick any.

How to discover great books?

  1. Chase for the top of the line books under different subjects on Amazon or GoodReads.
  2. Ask your friends, family, and associates.
  3. You can check from my recommendations here.
Check my other blogs here.
You can check awesome books here.

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