The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy Book Summary

The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy Book Summary

The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy is definitely one of the most powerful books in self-development genre. There are no gimmicks in this book, but simple truths. The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy is a wonderful book if you want to bring some tangible change in all aspects of your life. Darren Hardy gives you a series of tiny steps to radically improve your life. Different strategies mentioned in the book on choices, habits, momentum, influences and acceleration are not any hidden secrets but most people ignore them.

Earning success is hard. The process is difficult, monotonous, sometimes even boring. Becoming rich, powerful, and world-class in your field is slow and arduous. You’ll see results in your life if you follow the steps almost immediately. New or more information is not what you need—a new plan of action, a new strategy is. It’s time to create new practices and habits that are oriented away from sabotage and toward success. It’s that simple.


  • The Compound Effect – the principle of reaping huge rewards from a series of small, smart choices.
    Small, Smart Choices + Consistency + Time = RADICAL DIFFERENCE
  • Before we can begin to see the payoff, we have to keep working away for a while, consistently and efficiently, that’s the most challenging aspect of the Compound Effect.
  • The reality is that even one small change can have a significant impact that causes an unexpected and unintended ripple effect.
  • If you aren’t better than you want to be, work harder. Success is doing the things really well and then repeating it until you perfect it.
  • The Compound Effect is predictable and measurable. It is simple.
  • The Compound Effect is always working. You can either choose to make it work for you, or you can ignore it which will cause the negative effects of this powerful principle.
  • The ultimate key to success is consistency
  • Get rid of your habit of expecting instant result. Success won’t be as fast as your fast food, your microwave eggs, overnight mail, instant messaging. It will take time.
  • Success comes as the result of the operating system of the Compound Effect, has been running your life, for better or worse.

Chapter 2: CHOICES

  • You make your choices, and then your choices make you. Every decision that you make, no matter how slight, modifies the trajectory of your life.
  • It’s not the big choices that derail us, but the small choices that we ignore.
  • Half the time, you’re not even aware you’re making them
  • We believe we are unlucky, but that is just an excuse. Everyone has the opportunity to get lucky, luck simply comes down to a series of choices.
  • The (Complete) Formula for Getting Lucky:
    Preparation (personal growth) +
    Attitude (belief/mindset) +
    Opportunity (a good thing coming your way) +
    Action (doing something about it) =
  • You are 100 percent responsible for the choices you make. Take responsibility for your life.
  • You should become conscious of every choice that you make so that you can make smarter choices moving forward.
  • Tracking works wonders. It brings moment-to-moment awareness to the choices you make.
  • Tracking will help you revolutionize your life. All successful people are trackers. They track what they do so that they can improve.
  • The earlier you start making changes the more the compound effect works in your favour.
  • Improve yourself, your performance, your output and your earnings by 1/10 of 1 per cent each workday. Doing this for a week, you’ll improve ½ per cent, 2 per cent a month, which totals to 26 per cent each year. It will double every 2.9 years. By year ten you will be performing and earning 1000 per cent of what you are now. Just improve 1/10 of 1 per cent a day.

Chapter 3: HABITS

  • “We are what we repeatedly do.” – Aristotle
  • The older your habits are and the deeper their roots, the harder they are to change.
  • Successful people aren’t necessarily more talented or intelligent than anyone else. But their habits help them be more knowledgeable, more informed, more competent, better skilled and prepared.
  • Older the habits, deeper roots they have and are hard to change.
  •  Develop the power of why, it is what gets you to stick through hard, gruelling and laborious. All the hows are meaningless.
  • Make your goals clear. Write down what goals you want to achieve.
  • In the event that you are not making the progress that you might want to make and are fit for making, it is essentially of the fact that your goals are not clearly defined.
  • If you wish to have more, you have to become more. Success isn’t something you pursue. What you pursue will elude you; it can be like trying to chase butterflies. Success is something you draw in by the individual you become.
  • Your behaviour is an important factor. Behaviour is what stands between you and your goal.
  • A small, simple change in your habit, can be a giant leap forward in balance and productivity.
  • How to eliminate bad habits?
  • Identify your triggers – look at your list of bad habits
  • Clean house – get rid of whatever triggers your bad habits
  • Swap It – replace them with healthier habits
  • Ease in – for your older habits take small steps
  • Or jump in – for some people it is easy to make changes to eliminate bad habits at once.

Chapter 4: MOMENTUM

  • Momentum can catapult you into the stratosphere of success. And once you’ve got momentum on your side, there’s almost no way anyone can catch you.
  • It is not easy to build momentum, but once you do it, success will compound rapidly. It takes time and energy to build Mo.
  • It’s easy to keep working once you have momentum; it takes less effort to keep going. Starting is the hardest part.
  • Routine plays an important factor in gaining momentum. To create effective routines first, decide what habits and behaviours you want to implement.
  • Cash-out your day’s performance, compare it, analyse it. Try to login into a journal.


  • Everyone is affected by three kinds of influences: input (what you feed your mind), associations (the people with whom you spend time), and environment (your surroundings).
  • Input – garbage in, garbage out. Don’t feed your mind the things that are useless. Your output us what you feed your mind and body.
  • Associations – who’s influencing you? Spend time with people that help you reach your goals. Limit your associations. Decide for yourself how much you can afford to be influenced by someone. Weed out negative influences. Find a partner for yourself, teaming up with someone who is equally committed is good for your personal growth.  Invest in mentorship. Hire a coach, who can guide you.
  • Environment – if you change your view, you can change your perspective. The environment that you are in has a great effect on you. Creating a positive environment helps clear your clutter and gets you towards success.


  • Multiply your results. Go above and beyond when you hit a wall.
  • Go beyond what people expect from you.
  • Do things that are unexpected.
  • Do better than what is expected of you.


The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy Review: This is one of the most influential books I’ve ever read. The principles in the book are simple, yet we miss them in our work life. It is exceptionally useful the way Darren advises us that even ridiculously small changes can if applied consistently, produce huge effects over time. He likewise helps us to remember the power of taking responsibility for our own actions, and that if we want to “manage” something, we must first “measure” it.

Rating – 9/10

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