About Me

Karans Bookshelf

Hi, I’m Karan and I like to read books.

This site is dedicated to exploring on everything books (book summaries, reviews, suggestions). In my teen years I have read mostly Fiction, Young Adult and Sci-Fi. In last year of my engineering I switched to reading non-fiction, biographies and personal development books. On this blog you will find various book suggestions, summaries and reviews.

Although I have a engineering background, I have a passion for reading and travel. The views I share are my own and everyone is welcome to agree or disagree with anything I write.

During my Engineering I was working part time and at that time I started to like Digital Marketing, specially social media and content creation. I’m currently working as a Digital Marketer helping brands with content creation, SEO and Social Media.

My Services

Website Design and Development

We make some really cool websites according to the needs of the brand. Preference is given to create quality, responsive and professional websites.

Social Media Marketing

We help you grow your social media presence by creating advertising campaigns related to business product and services that you offer

Search Engine Optimisation

We help brands with optimising their website so they can improve their search engine ranking organically.

Pay Per Click Marketing

PPC marketing a inorganic technique which we execute to drive more traffic that convert into customers.


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